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  • Apple Jam

    Qarshi Apple Jam blends together farm-fresh apples to add depth of flavour for an exciting combination that complements every breakfast menu.
  • Created with the sweetest hand-picked fresh fig, Qarshi Fig Jam has the perfect balance of flavour and freshness. With its unique taste, it is a great complement for muffins, bread or cake.
  • Enriched with quality and freshness, Qarshi's Ginger Marmalade contains the robust flavour and chunks of ginger for a flavoursome morning toast that’s as delicious as it is different.
  • Inspired by our love for nature and made from freshly-picked mangoes, Qarshi Mango Jam is as tasty and fruity as the king of fruits.
  • Qarshi Mixed Fruit Jam is made from a delicious blend of Mangoes, Apples, Oranges and Guavas, which bring the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness.
  • Made from specially selected sweet, ripe mulberries, Qarshi Mulberry Jam is a delicious delectable to have with your toast.
  • Qarshi Orange Marmalade is tantalisingly delicious and made from fresh, ripe and sweet oranges, for an amazing complement to your breakfast toast.