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  • Jam e Shirin

    Product Uniqueness:

    • Distillates of natural herbs, no water added
    • Light and refreshing drink
    • Highest market share in the category-Pakistan (Retail Audit by A.C. Nielsen)
    • 265 quality tests and checks


    • As a cool drink in water
    • As a nourishing beverage in milk
    • As a topping in a multitude of desserts and ice cream
  • Product Uniqueness:

    • Distillates of Herbs, No water Added
    • Light and refreshing drink
    • 276 Quality Tests and Checks.


    • Jam-e-Shirin Sugar Free made with chilled water provides a thirst-quenching and fully satisfying experience
    • Nothing beats the heat like Jam-e-Shirin Sugar Free with a touch of lemon
    • By adding Jam-e-Shirin Sugar Free as a topping, ice cream, fruits, cakes and other desserts can be made more tempting and delicious
  • Product Uniqueness:

    • Great thirst quencher.
    • Peps you up and protects you from sunstroke.
    • Detoxifies the body, leaving a soothing and cooling effect.
    • 235 Tests and Checks for quality assurance.


    • Mix in water to enjoy a healthy refreshing and thirst quenching drink
    • Add to enhance the flavor of milkshakes
    • Give your deserts (cakes, Ice cream, fruit etc) an ethnic twist by topping them with Sharbat Bazoori.
    • Use as a sweetener in your traditional deserts.
  • Product Uniqueness:

    • Refreshes breath
    • 187 Tests and Checks for quality assurance.


    • Mixed in water as a refreshing and thirst quenching drink.
    • Energizing drink as Sharbat illachi added to milk.
    • Taste enhancer of milk shakes
    • Topping on ice cream, fruits, cakes and desserts
    • To flavor traditional desserts as an alternative to crushed cardamom.
  • Product Uniqueness:

    • Cooling and refreshing in action
    • Offers natural protection against sunstroke.
    • Quenches thirst.
    • 203 Tests and Checks for quality assurance.


    • Mix in cold water to beat the heat and stay cool throughout the day
    • Add in the milk shake to enhance and contrast the taste and flavor
    • Add as a topping on ice cream, fruit cakes and other deserts to give them an exotic earthy twist.