Sharbat Sandaleen 800 ml

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Sharbat Sandaleen 800 ml


Product Uniqueness:

  • Refreshes the mind and heart.
  • Reduces the effect of heat and prevents against heatstroke.
  • Soothes against heating up of stomach and liver.


  • Take 25ml syrup in 225ml (1 glass) water OR as directed by the physician.


  • 800ml PET Bottle.


Sharbat Sandal is a refreshing treat in scorching summer heat. Prepared from distillates of Sandalwood, Qarshi Sharbat Sandal is a natural product free from artificial flavors.

Oppressive heat & humidity during the summer season is more likely to afflict us with dehydration, heat stroke and exhaustion. Qarshi Sharbat Sandal is an excellent refreshing drink that helps keep the summer heat at bay.

Produced on the state of the art plant with gold standard manufacturing technique Qarshi Sharbat sandal undergoes multiple tests and checks to ensure its quality.