Qarshi is a socially responsible organization that fulfills its mission and lives by its values. We care for the environment through direct and indirect environmental conservation practices. From ensuring the efficient waste conversion systems in our production to contributing to the welfare of the people in devastating situations, Qarshi remains always at the front foot.

Qarshi Foundation

Founded by Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi in July 1994, Qarshi Foundation carries out social welfare activities with a focus on Health, Education, Welfare Projects, and Environment Conservation.

The foundation has established Tibbi Dispensaries, Mother-Child Health Care Centers, and Hospitals. In the area of education, Qarshi Foundation is sponsoring schools, offering scholarships & Qarz-e-Hasna, running a Vocational Training Centre, Engineering College, and QITHM.

Qarshi University

Qarshi University (www.qu.edu.pk), recently set up near Lahore, aims to offer quality education at affordable costs. Besides several departments that will provide education to produce managers of change in different fields, the University offers a Bachelor of Eastern Medicine and Surgery and a degree program in Islamic Medicine with a modern outlook.


  • Tibbi Dispensaries all over Pakistan
  • Mother-Child Health Care Centers
  • Qarshi Hospital
  • Outreach Facilities
  • Partnerships with Hospitals
  • Heritage Conservation

  • Plants for Life
  • Qarshi Herb Center
  • Sustainable Harvesting of Medicinal Plants.
  • BEMS (5 years degree program in Eastern Medicine & Surgery)
  • Environment

  • Herbal Gardens
  • Jam-e-Shirin Boulevard
  • Flowers Festivals
  • Jam-e-Shirin Park
  • Neighborhood Welfare & - Beautification Projects
  • Special Projects

  • Flood Relief/Assistance to institutions
  • Polio Campaign
  • Health Publications
  • COVID-19 Awareness Campaign
  • Earth Hour

    Qarshi’s participation in the world earth hour program is as an entity, which is a part of the carbon footprint reduction program. Qarshi is focused on various ecological balance initiatives including emission control maintenance, neutral carbon balance, neutral energy balance as well as environmental protection and beautification.